With 20 years’ experience in communications, I wanted to share my approach to brand positioning and messaging and crisis and issues planning.


Brand Positioning and Messaging

Change is constant in today’s business world. When your business - or the environment you operate in – changes, you may need to review that what you say and how you say it is still relevant.

Company messaging needs to go beyond simply stating who you are and what you do. It also needs to reflect the culture of your organisation and be true to how you behave.

The starting point is understanding who your key audiences are and what they care about. What is their perception of your brand and that of the competition? What are they interested in and who are they influenced by? This insight will help inform how you can best create and share relevant information and build better relationships.

My approach to brand positioning and message development is based on identifying your company’s purpose (why you exist), promise (what you deliver) and values (what you believe in).

I work with companies in different ways depending on their business needs and can help with brand positioning and message development, rebranding - working with partners on visual identity design – including brand guideline development and implementation planning.

Crisis and Issues Planning

Your reputation is a valuable business asset. It takes time and investment to build. But if something went wrong right now, would you be ready to react fast to defend it?

In today’s online world, information travels fast and far. Or, as the saying goes: news no longer breaks, it tweets. For all businesses, the reality of operating in this real time environment can be challenging.

Response times to address an issue or a crisis are critical. How you are seen to deal with a situation can protect – or even enhance – your reputation.

Preparation is key.

My approach to crisis communications planning is focused on exploring the following questions:

  • What are the threats?
  • Where are the vulnerabilities?
  • How can you make your organisation more resilient against reputational damage?
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