What they say

I personally find it useful to hear what others think and say, so below are a few quotes from people that I’ve worked with.

“As a small digital agency in a large, competitive sector, it can be difficult to define who you are and effectively communicate your USP. At Modular, we had an inkling, an idea as to where we wanted to be, but we just couldn’t nail it.

Having met G, we knew instantly that she would give us the outside help we needed to box our proposition off. She listened, worked with us and then delivered a proposition and narrative that has become the framework behind our messaging and comms. Being small you cannot do everything yourself. G was a fantastic investment and as we grow we hope to work with her more on Modular and client projects. I would heartily recommend her to any business.”

Emma Millington, Managing Director, Modular

“G combines a huge amount of marketing communications and strategy experience, with an incredibly human approach to working. That combination means she can bring agency teams together and manage client relationships in an incredibly effective way, that deliver tangible marketing results. It’s been a real privilege to work with her so far, and I’m looking forward to working with her in future.”

Philippe Crump, CMO, Specialist

“G has a fresh and personal consulting style, which allows her to build close relationships with clients and fit seamlessly into existing team dynamics. Her strong commercial acumen means that she has an intuitive understanding of business drivers and challenges, as well as communications solutions.

I have worked with G during a variety of crisis scenarios and have greatly appreciated her ability to devise and deploy strategic solutions whilst maintaining a calm and considered approach, which builds the confidence of clients and colleagues alike."

David Carter, Head of Corporate Practice, Ogilvy Public Relations

"G and I worked together for a number of years and it was always a pleasure. She brings a relentless focus on delivering quality results with a singleminded determination few can match. G is also a master of navigating complex business environments and organisations while making sure 'the job gets done’. Combine this with her common sense, practicality and most importantly good humour and she has a winning recipe."

Niall Hickey, former Executive Director of Corporate Communications, EMEA AT&T

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